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Its a big day for our country, journalism, NDTV India, and for ‘Ravish Kumar’. NDTV’s journalist Ravish Kumar has been chosen for the ‘Roman Magsaysay Award’ this year. He is the NDTV Managing Editor who has been with the company since 1996.

He is a great person, good husband, good father, and all of the above, a perfect citizen, a great journalist. Who always used to wakeup his countrymen, about what’s happening around us in a correct way. He never support any person, any politician, any party, any journalist for doing wrong. He always believe in constitution and rights of each and every person. Those who are right he always support him and work hard to saw the correct part for everyone.

Journalism is the way to show the mirror to the government of India. How much the work of government in the favour of common people and how it effect the life of a common people. Journalism doesn’t mean to favour the government, it is only to show the truth, the current situation of country, what’s the need of a common people and how the decision of government will effect the life of common people.

The current system of journalism is very dangerous, now it only work for TRP not for the truth, But the preference should be given to the truth not the TRP. The new generation of journalist have to work hard for good news, and have to work on field for the down to the earth. They have to look around and to show the people what’s going on.

In the history of ‘Hindi Journalism’ he created a history. He was the only man, who is selected for this award. First time in India someone got this award for journalism. It’s really a big day for our journalist and for our country. He never make difference in any one. The journalist of our country have to work for the actual news not for the fake ones. The journalist have to work very hard, because you can’t got a news inside the AC rooms, for actual news journalist have to came out of their room and work on the field and find out the news which were hidden around the people.

The life of journalist is not easy as they aspected, but nowadays it became possibly. They don’t have to work more, they to only find some interesting news which they can show that while sitting in AC rooms. It’s non of their matter, that the news is useful or not. If they are getting publicity, then they were happy with that and continue to find some similar news, through which they can get more and more publicity.

It is sad but it is the truth also, the truth always hurts. We all are started living in a dream life, we just don’t want to face the reality. The truth is, we are afraid of reality and we just don’t want to change the situation even though which we can. Media is not only responsible for raising conciousnes, we also have to make our surroundings aware of fake news, we have to take care of the responsibility of us.

The crime around us will not stop by itself, we have work together and make awareness around us that each and every one should feel safe. From childhood we start making differences, that a boy have right to go outside and play with their friends but a girl doesn’t have right to go outside. We gave boys full freedom, whatever they want they can do, but in the case of girls they can’t even wear a dress of her own choice. When a boy did mistake it’s day for celebration, but when a girl made mistake she will be punished. The childhood mistake will became as a crime when they grew up.

In India seventy-five percent of girls have no right to study, or they leave studies after schooling. Now in 2019 only twenty-five percent of girls have right to study and some of them have right to complete their higher studies and only few have the right to do job. We gave the example of that only few and say that girls growing and participate in every sector, but we didn’t show the life of that eighty-five percent girls.

We have to think deeply on this topics, why the crime is not decreasing, what’s the basic needs we want to change the crime into development. The basic reason is lack of knowledge, lack of their rights, lack of facilities, lack of basic needs, etc. If the people of our country know what’s our rights and their capabilities, then they will definitely work on it and hopefully the crime will decrease. Knowledge is very important, we don’t have to follow others we have to make our own way.

“Life is not about gaining, it’s all about giving.” when we understand this, then we started giving space to others who were in need.


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