Tejashwi Prasad Yadav on Monday accused the Nitish Kumar government of giving shelter to rapists and criminals in the state.

Tejashwi’s statement came on his Twitter handle where he alleged that Nitish’s only achievement was to turn Bihar into Balatkar Pradesh (rape state).

Tejashwi posted newspaper cuttings of rape incidents and said: “Bihar has been turned into Balatkar Pradesh (rape state) and that’s the achievement of our Nitish chacha. Is there any shame left in Khullasa Miya alias deputy chief minister? If you cannot speak on the issue at least post a tweet.” Tejashwi added: “Shame on the government of BJP and Nitish which gives shelter to rapist and goons.”

In a tweet, Tejashwi said Bihar had become synonymous with gang rape but no one makes it an issue of jungle raj (lawlessness). He called the BJP Balatkari Janata Party alleging that BJP and Nitish are running the government from chor darwaza (postern door).

“People who have robbed the people’s mandate have no shame on increase of rape and crime. They have accepted it as their destiny,” Tejashwi wrote on the Twitter handle.

He also took a dig at the recent cabinet decision on amendments in the prohibition act. “U-turn specialist Nitish Chacha takes another U-turn on prohibition after arresting 1.30 Lacs ppl (95% Dalits & Backwards), increased corruption in Home dept & being adamant for 2 yrs. Ultimately he has to bow down before demands of opposition,” he tweeted.

Deputy chief minister Sushil Modi counter-attacked Tejashwi alleging thousands of rape incidents lodged during the regime of Lalu Prasad and Rabri Devi.

“In the regime of 15 years of Lalu-Rabri, thousands of rape incidents were lodged and today also one RJD MLA is behind bar in the case related to raping a minor. But the tainted party leader is not looking at their own records and giving useless comment to tarnish the image of Bihar. These people who always kept away women and backwards from reservation in panchayat are jealous of government who believes in development with justice. RJD always protested against reservation for women and supported suppression,” Sushil wrote on his Twitter handle.


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