our new india

We are living in 21st century, where all the things became modern. The world became hi-tech, but we are not talking about the world, we are talking about our India. Which is nowadays became more hi-tach in terms of religious, not in terms of secularism or technology.

The video of every new thing happen around us, go viral. We don’t even want to know what’s going around us. We are just those videos which were look interested or small. We don’t want to see the large news. Our mind are set like that, we are seeing only debates. We are started living in the imaginary world, we just forgot about the real world. We are also just don’t what’s going on in the real world.

We are seeing daily a new issues on internet and even when we are not completed the previous news. We are completely making the girl as weak. We firstly says that “Beti bachao, beti padho” this slogan shows the girl is weak naturally. This is not true, its true that girl is physically weaker than boy but mentally she is stronger than boy. We have to take it in positive way, we always have to support them. Its true that we came forward to celebrate the win of a woman. We have to show that the women are not weak, they are even stronger.

Day by day, a new issue rises from different parts of our country. Daily we hear the news of mob lynching, molestation, rape, murder, etc. We only hear or see the news, but no changes came in our thinking. We just saw that as a tv show, which is totally fake. We react when that came to us and stay calm, its just a human nature. But we have to react on such situation. We react when the crime is done, we didn’t react first that the situation is not created. After the rape and murder occurs, we visit to Jantar Mantar and do candle march, etc. Its our new India.

At this current time Chennai is suffering from water crisis, and this crisis will increase and it will also occurs in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. At this current time 45,000 mangroo tress forest is cutting to build bullet train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. One mangoo tree needs 10 to 15 years to grow, now it cutting for bullet train. Its just a positive news, because at the when we are dealing with water crisis the trees were cutting down.

The trees which were cutting down is not by the government, but it will cutting down. Minister says that they will build 5 times more trees. But the question is that from were we brought land for this plant. If the ministry will plant trees in others place, then why didn’t they first plant trees, and then they cut trees for the bullet train. Its just one of the most positive thing for our environment.

We want development, but not at the cost of environment. Environment is our first need, if there is no environment then what we will do of the development. A large number of ways were taken to protect the environment. Cutting trees was the one of most highly defective attack on environment.

Nowadays Media became one of the most dangerous, he made us to see the news like a tik-tok, which is only of few second, if does seems interesting, change it. Its our new Media system in new India. Our mind set that we have to only see interesting news as movies, if it doesn’t seems that change it. We are started living in a country, where truth is not important only interesting factors are important.

Its our mistake in defecting the current system. We are responsible for it, every time we ignore the things, instead of to solve the problem, but when that issue come to us, we started blaming others. We make the system corrupt. In our country there is not any strict rule for corruption. The law makers were also corrupt, so why they made the law against themselves.

In new India, everyday we go through new problems, we just ignore that situation. But we have to stop for a moment and think on it, what we are doing. If we want to live peacefully, we all have to come together and work on it. Then only we achieve our goal. Always we don’t have to bother ourselves, sometimes we have to think for our society, then only the changes occur. We all have to come together for the bright future of India.

India is not just a country, its the soul of every Indian. We always have to keep our soul clean and pure. Its only the right way to do something for our country, and its the time to show that we are always stand for justice.


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