The Bill will, however, have to go back to the Lok Sabha as Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari proposed one amendment at the instance of AIADMK and also admitted that the Bill passed in Lower House had a printing error. In his opening statement and later while replying to the discussion, Gadkari tried to allay apprehensions that the bill will take away the rights of the states bring in the private sector in various aspects, including the registration of new vehicles and running driving schools.

All the fines were increased by ten times.

  • Rs10,000 for drunk driving, up from Rs2,000.

  • Rs5,000 for talking on a cellphone while driving, up from Rs1,000.
  • Rs5,000 for driving without a licence, up from Rs1,000.
  • Rs1,000 per extra passenger for “overloading”, Rs5,000 for “oversized vehicles”.
  • Rs1,000 and disqualification of licence for not wearing a helmet while riding two-wheelers, up from Rs100.
  • Rs1,000 for not wearing a seatbelt, up from Rs100.
  • Rs10,000 for driving despite disqualification, up from Rs500.
  • In hit-and-run case, Rs2lakh for death (up from Rs25,000), Rs 50,000 for grievous injury (up from Rs12,000).
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Fund to provide compulsory insurance to all road users.
  • If a juvenile is caught driving, the guardian/ owner will face a fine of Rs25,000 with 3 years imprisonment, minor to be tried under the Juvenile Justice Act, registration of vehicle to be cancelled.
  • Rs25,000-1lakh if taxi aggregators violate licensing conditions.
  • Rs1,000 (light motor vehicles) and Rs2,000 (medium-sized vehicles) for over speeding.
  • No caps on liability for third party insurance; Rs5 lakh insurance compantation, up from Rs50,000.
  • Vehicle dealers can get a car registered online.
  • A “good samaritan” who helps a road accident victim will be given protection from harassment by authorities.
  • Online provision for learners’ licence; Aadhar card must for driving licence.

This bill came in influence for the safety purpose of people. We are hoping that this bill will not affect our life in a bad way, if the rule is followed in a correct way. Everyone wants security of their life, if the security came in form of the bill, then it’s not to worry.

The biggest reason behind this bill is Unnao rape case. The centre tries to take some major steps to stop these types of crimes.

Every year more than 7,000 people die due to road accident. Government take major steps related to roads. Mostly the roads were not good for driving, a large number of pits on the road. Some of the roads became so bad that the people also can’t walk, then what about the vehicles.

This bill should also have to come with some of the issues related to roads. It’s time to think about the situation of our country. People don’t have guts to stand against the government. No one is perfect in this world, but when it came in related to our country, we all have to stand together and whoever in power, we have the right to question them, what they are doing for the welfare of our country.

Media person and opposition have to always question the government on their work. They don’t have to support them, their is always to find mistakes of the ruling party. But nowadays they both were not doing their work properly. Nowadays media only works for “TRP” not for spreading the truth.

We find that the media is loosing its basic and only follow the “Hindu-Muslim debate”. They were not searching for news, they just create it. It’s such a crucial time for us, when we don’t know what’s happening around us. We are also watch news just like ‘Tik-Tok’, just scroll the news. We always have to think about the bill which is passed by parliament. What are their positive and negative, if the positive is more or less, if the bill is passed for the welfare of us or not. It’s our duty to choose the things for ourselves. Constitution gave us the right to vote and choose the government, who works for the welfare of our society.

If the fines were increased, then people just thinks for once before breaking the rules. The executive have to work properly and to execute the rule in a correct way. Then only the accidents will decrease and in the true way the bill will work for the society.

In my point of view, this bill is good for us, and we have to support this by following the rules. It’s not the toughest thing to do, we only have make our way safe. Government just showing us a way, how we can make ourselves secure. We always have to support the good things and boycott the bad things.


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